展示的内容青年专业人员展览室为积极、富有灵感的青年专业人员提供展示的平台。你也想分享你的故事吗?注册并联系我们吧! 展示的目的以及你的收获 YPARD团队相信经验分享能够:提供有关全球项目资助、招聘、培训的信息,农业研究进展及其他信息;提供有关全球项目资助、招聘、培训的信息,农业研究进展及其他信息;YPARD新闻简讯帮助青年人员了解全球农业研究方面的最新活动;提供与全球范围内的青年研究人员在线交流平台;申请成为会议或工作小组的代表的机会;参与同行导师计划;成为代表并获得职业经历的机会;为更加活跃的农业研究提供积极的贡献。  ...以及更多!


  • Stefan Lorenz, Director of Rural Youth Organisation Upper Austria

    “In Austria many young people are very proud to work in agriculture and they want to stay in rural areas!” says Stefan and emphasizes the important role of the Rural Youth Organization. “We give them possibilities to meet and discuss about new development of agriculture and society.
  • Can a ‘city mouse’ make a good farmer?

    Born and bred in the city, my only interaction with farming and livestock was when I visited my grandparents’ farm during vacations. My grandmother used to call me ‘city mouse,’ because I wasn’t a local from the village. It was during these visits that I noticed some contrasts between the urban educational system I experienced and the one my cousins in the village had.
  • Youth and agriculture: It's up to us

    I think that one of the things missing in agriculture today is imagination. Today’s generation of farmers, teachers, agricultural scientists, policy makers and even media specialists, have collectively failed to trigger my generation’s imagination. If they have all failed, isn’t it up to us, the younger generation, to try to do something about it?
  • Youth Support in Agriculture, Important in our time…My story

    Children often want to become engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, and so on, but only few want to become farmers. Even those who want to be farmers are mostly discouraged by their parents who fear they will not get a good job after school; this however wasn’t the case with me as for several years I have been involved in one way or the other in farming.
  • Agriculture; my vocation.

    In my early childhood my mother was the manager of a big and successful agricultural cooperative, so for me it was an everyday situation to spend the mornings in the sugar beet field, or the afternoons in the wheat storage. Later on, my father started running a pig and cattle farm, and this was opportunity to experience a bit of husbandry production...
  • From Local Activities to Global Development

    Mohammadreza Davari, from Iran, tells us his story and reflects on his experience of Young Professional in Agriculture in Iran. Abstract: It was a suitable opportunity for me to apply in Iran my experiences and knowledge obtained from Indian scientists. However, I had to adapt my knowledge to be applicable in my country’s context, because of different climates, equipments and culture.
  • Machine and cows are her passion; Heidi Bättig, a young female farm manager in Switzerland

    It’s 5.15 in the morning in Ufhusen (LU), a small village of Switzerland. It’s dark and silent, most of the animals and humans are still asleep. It's at this early time of the day that Heidi Bättig (a Swiss young woman, 33 year old) starts her work. She slips into her boots and goes to the barn. First thing she does is to feed the cows and prepare the milking cluster.
  • GCARD2: YPARD Paved the Way for Me….You could be next!

    We discussed the challenges of youth in ARD and proffered solutions that would be brought before stakeholders at the event. Realizing that all over the world, it is a known fact that youths have a key role to play if given the opportunity and the appropriate platform was a source of hope and a better future to anticipate. We can and would be hands of change to transform the world for better.