Released: Mentoring program review 2017

Mentoring review releasedMentoring program review 2017

YPARD's mentoring review 2017: equipping young people to make a change in agriculture takes stock of one year of experiments with different models of mentoring: face to face, virtually, blended (through conferences) and group mentoring including seed-funding. The report sheds light on the mentees and mentors' journey and successes. It also brings a number of lessons learned and recommendations to bring the program forward and empower young professionals in agriculture all around the world.

Read our highlight: Mentoring changes lives to have a glimpse at the review's findings and conclusions, and download the report.

Stories of Impact

Our mentors and mentees told us about how much the different mentoring models impacted their professional and personal growth. 

The face to face program in Kenya required particular attention and follow-up. Mentors and mentees expressed that they gained stronger innovative, entrepreneurial and networking skills, and they mutually learned from each other. Read our blogpost: The transformative power of agricultural mentorship.

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