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YPARD Monthly Newsletter - January

How can we support you better? YPARD 2019 Members' survey

It is that time of the year when we invite you to participate in the YPARD global members survey to help share insights on how we can serve you better in 2019. This survey is gathering information on the services offered by YPARD and their value to YPARD members in 2018.

Welcome to 2019: Looking forward and beyond

The New Year comes with opportunities to assess our joint efforts, learn from them and celebrate our achievements. It is also an opportunity to do more, together. The achievements of YPARD over the years highlight how much YPARD has grown as well as the potential in the coming years. Read more of YPARD focus from this blogpost as narrated by the YPARD director.

Welcoming YPARD France country representative: Margaux Jacob

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD France representative Margaux Jacob,  a graduate from the Faculty of Economics, University of Panthéon-Sorbonne, France with a Licence in Economics and currently, a Master’s  student in the Paris School of Economics and the Ecole Normale Supérieure.


Call for Nominees for the 2019 Maize Youth Innovators Awards – Africa

Nominations are now open for the 2019 MAIZE Youth Innovators Awards – Africa. The awards recognize the contributions of young women and men below 35 years of age who are implementing innovations in African maize-based agri-food systems, including research-for-development, seed systems, agribusiness, and sustainable intensification. Apply today!

Taking these “F-words“ seriously: Food and future

IUPAC 2019 is offering 50 sponsored places to the next generation of leaders in crop protection to participate in the four-day Agri Summit in Ghent, Belgium (19-23 May 2019) and link with the IUPAC International Congress. Apply today!


YPARD Solomon Islands shines at the Pacific Agrihack competition

Malaita Youth In Business Association (MYIBA) scooped one of the three awards during the Pacific Agrihack lab 2018 in Tonga on 5th December 2018. YPARD Solomon Islands representative was in attendance at the prize ceremony and reports to us the proceedings.

YPARD Hungary: Agribusiness adventure - A young Hungarian farmer's story

Zsoka Fekete (ZsF), a young Hungarian lady, works for Mangalica breeding and handcraft product processing within her own family business. Monika Varga, YPARD Hungary Country Representative shares her story with us on this interview.

YPARD Serbia: Making a living from agriculture – YPARD Serbia with Toplički izvor

After a few YPARD Serbia media appearances, the country representative was invited to be one of the presenters at the  “Youth in agriculture: potential and challenges” conference organized by the association “Toplički izvor” in Kuršumlija (South Serbia) on 21st December 2018. She tells us of the ensuing partnership between YPARD Serbia and Toplički izvor.

YPARD Serbia: Making an impact – supporting young farmers

YPARD Serbia participated at the event “together for the better support for young farmers” on 18th December in Belgrade, Serbia and got a chance to ask questions and interact face to face with relevant government institutions.

YPARD Serbia: Exploring the views – organic farmers

One of YPARD Serbia’s mission is to strive and connect young farmers and students in agriculture, facing problems and trying to find a feasible solution. After many interviews with young professionals in agriculture, the one constantly highlighted challenge was market access. Learn how they are solving this problem in partnership with “Probaj domace” association.

YPARD Nepal: International poultry symposium: Moments and memories

Subash, YPARD Nepal member attended the three days International poultry symposium in Bharatpur Garden Resort Chitwan, Nepal with the theme “Meeting Poultry Demand for Food Safety and Security” and reports on the same.

YPARD at Tropentag 2018 - Sharing information and connecting early career scientist

YPARD Europe implemented its interactive workshop at the Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Research in Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development - TROPENTAG and summarizes the event proceedings for us.

YPARD Serbia: Youth for youth with IAAS Novi Sad and YPARD Serbia

Discover the new partnership  between YPARD Serbia and with IAAS Serbia (section in Novi Sad, north Serbia).

YPARD Italy: International Forum on Food and Nutrition (9th edition)

The International Forum on Food and Nutrition (9th edition) organized by Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) was once again back in Milan, Italy  bringing together sustainability expert speakers from all over the world. YPARD Italy representative was in attendance and reports on the event outcomes.

YPARD Albania: Employability and keeping young scientist in science

Given that the world is changing and is changing at a great speed, the more we have to rely on the energy and perspective of youth.YPARD Albania representative makes a case for young scientists.

YPARD Nepal: 13th Asian Maize Conference: Surmounting future challenges

The human population in the world by 2050 is predicted to be more than 9 billion leading to a high demand for food arable land (soil) and subsequent decrease in water resources. How can young people contribute to solving these challenges? Discover more from this blogpost.

YPARD an avant-garde platform supporting young professionals

YPARD has for several years started its work in support of young professionals in the field of agriculture, supporting them to have a stronger voice this way. Bledar, YPARD Albania representative shares his view of YPARD from his participation in the Tropentag 2018 workshop.

YPARD RDC: De la création et gestion d’une ferme agricole intégrée à l’agrotourisme !

YPARD RDC s’est associé à Hopeland Congo et Forum de Services du Conseil Agricole et Rural, FOSCAR en sigle, pour organiser une visite d’échanges et partage des savoirs en vue de promouvoir l’agriculture en milieu des jeunes.

YPARD Nepal: One Asian Youth Leadership Forum: A union of continents

More than three hundred representatives from fifty-four countries gathered in Beijing to attend the 3rd Asian-African Youth Festival 2018 held in Beijing, China from 12 to 16 September, 2018. The program was aimed to promote the Bandung spirit of solidarity, friendship, cooperation, enhance comprehension and collaboration between Asian and African Youth.