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Meet YPARD Mentee: Dina Dominic Kikuli

Growing up Dina Dominic had always dreamt of being self-employed. Ideas were plenty on how she would go ahead with self-employment.  She could open a beauty parlor, a mini super market, a gym perhaps or even a restaurant.

And in [2008] when she joined Sokoine University of Agriculture to pursue a BSc Home Economics and Human Nutrition, her path in entrepreneurship became more vivid. As a finalist at the university, a union called SUGECO was formed. The union was to cater and encourage fresh graduates who have a passion for entrepreneurship, graduate who think beyond employment. In collaboration with the University and a financial institution (CRDB bank), a project to train, coach and fund fresh graduates was formed and Dina and her partner were among the beneficiaries of that project. She participated in a business plan writing competition and won a loan of 60 million TSH. (28,000 UDS).

Its during this time that her company H.D Agribusiness Enterprise, a rice processing and distribution company, was formed. H.D provides rice milling services, supply rice, provide storage for farmer’s product as well as provide a link between farmers (producers) and buyers. Her role is not only running the company, but also motivating her fellow youth to also think about self-employment especially in the agricultural field as many of them overlook the opportunities present there.

Position: Managing Director, H.D Agribusiness Enterprise

Education: BSc. Home Economics and Human Nutrition

Country: Tanzania

“The online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs is of great deal to me. This is because as a young entrepreneur who entered into business with no practical experience i need a lot of trainings, coaching and mentoring. The online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs is the Perfect platform for me to grow and expand and in turn reach more and more people and help them grow and expand as well. “

H.D Agribusiness as stated above was formed and ran by fresh graduates, who by any means had no experience in running the company. For the past two years H.D has been working hard to stabilize and keep the company alive by attending as many trainings and coaching sessions as possible. We anticipate that this will help overcome the challenges of lack of experience in running an agricultural company, poor business management skills (human resource and financial management, poor marketing skills) and lack of fund for the business to survive as we need more funds and the high interest rates for loans (20%) are not so conducive.

“From the online mentoring program for young women entrepreneurs I am looking to fill that loop of lack of expertise and experience. Having a mentor for me is very crucial for the growth of any company as a mentor has experience, expertise and more insight on the areas that I lack. I am looking for growth, both personal growth and the growth of my company. I believe that if I grow, the people am surrounded with (my employees, my customers, clients and my society at large) will also grow.”