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FAO Land and Water days: 10-12 November 2015

The 3rd edition of the FAO Land & Water Days is coming up! Register!

Building from the success of the past two events in 2012  (Rome) and 2013 (Amman), the Land & Water Days will provide an opportunity for interaction and exchange among those working on project related to land and water.


Packed with activities and opportunities for exchange on water and land in support to sustainable agriculture and food security, the Land & Water Days 2015 will provide an excellent opportunity to;

  • Discuss trends in land and water management across regions and implications for activities on the ground
  • Learn from each other how to respond to challenges
  • Share lessons from mistakes across projects and activities with a strong land and water  component
  • Promote the use of methodologies, guidelines and tools in support of project design, implementation and performance and impact monitoring
  • Identify and understand knowledge gaps in project design and implementation approaches and work out practical modalities for more effective technical support to field projects at various spatial scales; and people-centred approaches to land and water management.
  • Move towards strategies and mechanisms for effective, sustainable and people-centred approaches to land and water management.

Questions to be answered

What models of agriculture can we develop to promote sustainability and resilience among farming systems and communities?

How can we improve the performance of field projects in terms of sustainability, effectiveness and livelihood benefits?

What can we learn from successful projects; how can we replicate them; what can we learn from mistakes?

In order to participate, please register online at Land and Water Days 2015@FAO – Registration and Questionnaire

FAO Land and Water days: 10-12 November 2015