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JP Destacados

Qués es un salón de jóvenes profesionales? Es un espacio donde se dan a conocer los perfiles de jóvenes profesionales activos e inspiradores  Tú también puedes contarnos tu historia, únete e contáctanos! Cuál es el propósito de todo esto y qué ganas? El equipo YPARD cree que compartir experiencias permite:
  • Informar acerca de buenas prácticas y lecciones aprendidas
  • Generar pensamientos e ideas que optimicen actividades
  • Inspirar unos a otros por más innovación y espíritu emprendedor
  • y más!

JP Destacados

  • My Songhai experience

    "Agriculture in Nigeria and Africa has been neglected in the past years and I advocate that it is time for change. It is time for Youth to invest passionately in agriculture. If each Youth is a producer of an agricultural product be it food crops, animals, poultry, rabbits, grass cutter etc. it would go a long way to contribute to the food basket of our continent."
  • A serious Game for Agricultural Development

    "I believe that we as Young Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development can have a big impact by thinking about innovative practices, technologies and approaches in our working domains. Therefore I would hereby like to share an example of such an innovative approach to show other YPs how we can increase the effects of our efforts by linking other working domains to our own."
  • Michael Osei, a recognized and promising young scientist from Ghana

    Michael Kwabena Osei is a young scientist from Ghana. His work has been recognized through the Ist Ghana Science Congress Awards in August 2011 where he won a Bronze award (Cash prize, lap top and Citation) as the National Best Young Scientist, initiated by the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology (MEST).
  • "YPARD was my gateway, for you it could be"

    I first entered the YPARD website in early 2011 through a link from CTA’s Knowledge for Development web portal which I explore often. I always see the YPARD logo/icon on the site but continued to ignore it since I did not know what doors it could open for me. After finishing what I was doing on that fateful day, a thought flashed my mind to click on the logo/icon and see what it meant.
  • Patrice, de Camerún

    « To me, the first benefit expected from discussions about youth in Agricultural Research for Development is sharing experiences and validating observations and hypothesis: are difficulties met by the youth in different regions of the world the same? If so, are the solutions to these issues specific to their context or can we find transversal elements?"
  • Andrea, de Colombia

    Al entrevistar un joven profesional en investigación agrícola para el desarrollo, uno siente esa gran energía, deseos, ideas, proyectos y sueños que comparten con uno tan espontáneamente. Esta experiencia me deja saber que allá afuera hay gente joven que está comprometida y piensa en cómo hacer posible una mejor vida...
  • Nawsheen, from Mauritius

    'As a youth in agriculture, YPARD has given me the opportunity to share my ideas on issues related to youth and agriculture on their platform through articles and discussion forums. I have been able to connect with other youths from different countries and backgrounds who have same objective as me, and together, we have been able to voice our opinions on subjects that matter to us to Policy makers at International Conferences.'

  • “Tener un excelente mentor, innovar, aprender y mejorar cada día, claves en el desarrollo de cualquier investigador”

    Así responde Édgar Torres cuando se le pregunta por el camino que ha recorrido desde su llegada al CIAT, hace poco más de 10 años, inicialmente para trabajar como enlace entre el Fondo Latinoamericano para Arroz de Riego (FLAR) y la Fundación Nacional del Arroz (Fundarroz), entidad nacional arrocera de Venezuela; hasta su actual responsabilidad como fitomejorador en el programa de Arroz del CIAT.
  • “Trabajar en lo que a uno le apasiona, así es como se va abriendo camino”

    Así responde Beatriz Vanessa Herrera cuando se le pregunta cuál es la clave para que a la vuelta de su primer año como geógrafa profesional, ya haya publicado en una revista arbitrada como Food Security con el artículo titulado Threats to cassava production: known and potential geographic distribution of four key biotic constraints.